The Stronghold XL Reserved Edition

$ 4,295.00

The Stronghold XL Reserved Edition features Pendleton Revolution Technology™ which allows for revolving storage of your guns and valuables. This means no more reaching to the back of your safe – no more digging through your guns to get the one you want. Just simply turn the turret and pick up the gun you want. You never have to lean your guns against the wall again. No more bangs, scratches, or dents; just hassle-free access to your entire collection.

The Stronghold XL Reserved Edition comfortably holds up to 22 revolving long guns. Revolution's standard 22 Gun Turret accommodates a wide range of long gun styles and is perfect for most collections. From ARs and long rifles to double-barrel and auto-loading shotguns- this turret covers a variety of long gun styles.

Unique inside door shelving stores 15 hand guns without touching and allows for easy one hand access. The side shelving accommodates anything from a full sized 1911 to a Smith and Wesson 500. Securely store 7 handguns on each side of the safe for a total of 15 organized handguns you can easily access with one hand.

In addition, with the Stronghold XL Reserved Edition, there are 13 handguns slots on the revolving rack and 2 rows of storage shelves. That is a total of 28 handguns, 22 long guns, and 2 rows of storage. 

In the Stronghold XL Reserved Edition, you can see everything! It has over 400 LED Lights!

Built in Moisture Control System

Demonstration Video:


Revolution uses Sargent and Greenleaf locks, a 150 year old American Company, the finest available. Electronic lock will come with safe unless manual is preferred and specified in the comment section at checkout.

Behind each locking mechanism is a 3/16 inch thick steel support plate that protects the lock, the relocking system, and the boltwork. Additionally, the lock and relocker are protected by a hardplate. These features protect the safe against a burglar using a drill or impact tool.

The Stronghold XL is built with 10, 1 and a half inch hardened locking bolts that protect all sides of the door against a pry bar attack.

Fail-Safe Door Handle: Revolution uses a special fail-safe system that slips under pressure to prevent forced entry.

1200° Fire Protection. 2 inch thick fire liner insulation on all sides, including top and bottom.


This safe is 72 inches tall, 36 inches deep, and 32 and a half inches wide with an 11 gauge steel body and a 1 inch thick composite door.

Durable Finish- Textured Gray finish offers first class scratch resistance and hides dust and finger prints for an always clean look.

1100 LBS

5 Spoked Chrome Handle

Built in Moisture Control Unit

400 LED Lights

Online Shipping Special: ** Shipping costs to most lower 48 United States is included. Shipping is home curbside delivery to your door shipped by ABF Freight. Shipping within 30 days. 

If you need help organizing a delivery of the safe inside your home, we can do this for an extra charge. Note this at checkout.

If you live outside the lower 48, give us a call at 770-466-6181 to order your safe and arrange delivery.  


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